An unforgettable holiday through wine tasting tours, unique artistic masterpieces, three active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and amazing sea views.

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The Mediterranean diet

The true essence of a place also involves its smells and flavours.  Few places on earth can embrace so many fragrances and flavors as Sicily.  In every corner of the island, food is also art and culture.

Expand your horizon by exploring Sicily's delights

Bruschetta with Ham
What is Sicily famous for?

Sicily is famous, among other things, for its food and Palermo, its biggest city, regularly features as one of the street food capitals of the world. Between stunning intricate architecture from 13 foreign domination to the untouched bombsites from WWII, this is an incredibly fascinating city to get lost in. 

Wine Decanter

Elite Yoga Escape introduces spectacular Sicilian food

Delve into our highly-recommended local dining experiences below.

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