I Am Bianca

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Bianca Polizzi Yoga Instructor

Dedicated yogi, passionate explorer and grateful teacher. I exist to teach you how to heal your mind, body and soul through yoga.


I will guide you on a journey that teaches you how to harness the inner peace that is already within you with our daily yoga, meditation and breathing classes. Yoga found me when I needed it most and through the practice of Ashtanga yoga, I have been taught countless life-enhancing lessons. I hope to impart these and share with you the knowledge of the power and serenity that comes with dedicated yoga practice.


My goal is to teach you how to move forward with your own self-practice which gives you the power to channel this abundant positive energy for yourself.


Guiding you on your Elite Yoga Escape - time away from everything to get back in touch with yourself. Connecting on this journey of self-discovery through the mind, body and soul. Join me for private classes online, in reality or reach even further as I welcome you to the wondrous island of Sicily for one of my luxury retreats in a setting unlike any other.

Awakening To The Light

It took me a long time to consciously connect with the pure, divine love within me and it is a constant and active pursuit but, with daily yoga, maintaining this mentality about the self becomes increasingly easier. My shift really came while on my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the renowned Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre. It was an intense five-week journey of self-enquiry, self-discovery and self-acceptance in Goa, India, far from everyone and everything I knew and immersed in an environment that allowed me to focus entirely on the inner self. Self-realisation is exactly what yoga is - it was only on my final day of my yoga course that it all really clicked.


The realisation that how you react to your external and internal environment is entirely your choice; how long you choose to hold onto something; how long you choose to be angry at someone; or upset in your soul – you have all the power to let it go because THAT is what is in your control now. You can't change the past – it doesn't even exist anymore – but you can choose to let go of the anger, the hurt, the sadness, the bad memories, the bitterness. The only person that is affected by you holding on to negative energy, is you.. so why do we do it? Are we afraid to let go of our pain because it becomes a part of who we are?


After a meditation and contemplative walk along the water's edge at the beach on my last day in India, the seismic shift in my mentality felt like pure ecstasy: realising that the key to freedom from what was tying me down was within me. And knowing that everything that has happened, good and bad, had to happen just exactly that way for me to arrive at where I am today. It was like looking back at a puzzle and every event had just been another piece that was needed to build me up. This allowed me to feel gratitude towards it all. When you start to let go of what hurt you in the past, you start to recognise your value now, stepping into a new version of yourself. You begin to view your past experiences from an outsider's perspective so you can really see who and what is worth spending your time on, and being careful with the energy you allow in. There are eight limbs – or branches – of the Ashtanga yoga practice to reach the pure divine state of peaceful ecstasy, Samadhi. That place of bliss is already within you, you already own the key. It’s now just about finding the lock.

Elite Yoga Escape - Awakening to the light
Bianca Polizzi - Yoga Instructor