Delve into our highly-recommended local dining experiences below. Elite Yoga Escape arranges the best cuisine at special prices - exclusively for our guests.


Lunch and dinner are not routinely provided at the palace - unless you book specially for groups or enjoy A Day Cooking with the Duchess to delight in the four-course culinary masterpiece of a lunch in the elegant palace dining room. However, I will ensure that meal times are as hassle-free as possible during your stay, starting by sharing the wonderful restaurants below.

I will also make any reservations and book your travel if you don't feel like the short walk into the city. Your apartment is fully-equipped so you can cook up a storm in your own kitchen with the freshest local market ingredients or try out one of my absolutely favourite places to eat Madonieat, your Sicilian deli & bistrot, just a few steps away from Butera 28 Apartments.

Healthy Sicilian Lunch (20€ per person)

Discover the authentic flavours of the best Sicilian cuisine in one of the most fascinating palaces in Palermo, Palazzo Butera.

Exuding a friendly and joyful atmosphere, enjoy lunch while supporting a local, social innovation project. All the produce is local, organic and genuine.

There are many tasty starters, delicious main dishes, colourful salads and sweet desserts, also available as vegetarian or vegan options.

A wide collection of exclusive Sicilian wines will show you the deepest essence of the island.

Included in the price: 3 courses (starter, main dish, dessert), excluding drinks.

Sicilian Tasting Experience (50€ per person)

This unique one-hour experience is created for small groups (minimum 5 people). You will have the opportunity to taste some exclusive Sicilian foods with an English-speaking expert explaining the origins of them, their deepest qualities, secrets and information about how they are made; bringing you through a sensory analysis of our precious wine and cuisine. 

Included in the price:

1 Guest (All inclusive)

Sparkling wine: Brut and Pinot Noir

Natural and toasted salty almonds and nuts from Polizzi and manna

Anelletti al forno traditional Sicilian pasta, dried tomatoes, handmade artichokes from Cerda, black olives in oil and Nebrodi black pig salami

Cheese tasting with honey, jam and homemade traditional bread

Red wine: Grillo and Catarratto

Fresh fruit salad

Cannolo with ricotta cheese cream and manna, sfoglio typical Madonie cake

Sweet wine Passito di Pantelleria