It's been pretty hectic since having left India. I have continued to practice my hour-long self yoga Ashtanga practice mostly every day, almost religiously, and I'm so grateful to it: Genuinely, the Ashtanga Primary Series can shift you from being stuck in a low vibrational frequency and raise your energy to a truly high vibe.


Last night I was reminded that yoga is more than dedication to the routine though. I had just been going through the motions of the practice and had almost forgotten the real joy of yoga. It's about taking the time out to play. Finding what feels good and stretching into it and losing yourself in the movement meditation, letting your body and your breath move you so that your mind has time to clear the clutter and become silent. Discovering more, going deeper, balancing for enjoyment - not for a count of ten ujjayi breaths. Head standing for peace, not because it's the next pose in the sequence.

When you learn to just move with your breath and what feels good, it's such an indescribable joy to create your own patterns and to allow your energy to flow the way it wants to. Yoga practice is much like learning to play the guitar, you only need to learn a few key chords to play a tune, or a few key poses to allow yourself to move more freely and with ease in your own body. You can then start to create your own rhythm and flow, and the movement that radiates from within your soul is just pure magic. It really doesn’t take long at all to get to being able to practice yoga in your own way and that is a sweet moment of peaceful ecstacy.

By the end of my yoga retreat you will be moving in your own body with more confidence, knowing yourself more deeply and understanding how your mind, body and breath unite. The journey starts here. Join me August 31st - September 4th or October 19th - 23rd in Palermo, Sicily at Butera 28 Apartments for the 5-day exclusive luxury yoga retreat, Elite Yoga Escape Sicily