I created this hour-long Day-To-Day Mindfulness presentation and text for an Amazon Ted-Talk-Style talk, a year and a half ago when working in French and Italian recruitment at Amazon in Cork, Ireland. I realised recently how insane it is that I hadn’t yet shared this anywhere else and that I was keeping this information to myself…

It is especially important to me to publish these now - and finally - considering how many people had reached out to me after my presentation about the similarities they have in their life with anxiety, unhappiness and stress. I believe it's important to make the taboo subject of feelings, especially nowadays and in the ‘corporate world’, something that we can talk openly about. To help us open our minds and to be able to move further into kindness and empathy so that we can support each other, evolving away from the outdated mindset of these barriers of formalities which only cause limitation in communication. This is a problem when communication and honesty is everything.

The aim of these blog posts is to make it easier to recognise, at least for yourself, how you feel and what is making you feel that way.

At the time of putting myself forward to present this to my global team, I was hating my high-stress job and was using my daily yoga practice as a form of healthy escapism. I’ve been practising yoga every single day for the last three years and I can genuinely say that it has made me a better person. Yoga is the answer to positivity, to health, to kindness, to empathy and to happiness.

The greatest lesson yoga taught me above all, was how to rewire my brain so that is what I’m wanting to teach you in this series of mindfulness blog posts, in order to manage everyday stress and anxiety and to simply become more happy.

So here it is…


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