As I know these blog posts could very well change your life if you have found yourself to be linked through to this page and here reading this, I don’t want you to lose interest. So, you can find all of my other posts and jump to them by going to the main blog menu but I do recommend working through reading this in order (hence why I have numbered each in the title).

An overview of the topics these blogs will cover:

  • Mindfulness – Why is mindfulness so important, what even is it and how can you incorporate it into your daily routine

  • Happiness - Understanding the secret to happiness and how can we find it for ourselves

  • Gratitude - The science behind how gratitude and appreciation can rewire your brain and permanently raise your levels of long-term happiness

  • Practising Gratitude - How to start being consciously and proactively grateful for the little things in your life on a day-to-day basic with examples

  • Perspective - Understanding how to find positivity in the worst moments and the importance of harnessing this ability

  • Breathe - The science behind conscious breath and how changing your breathing patterns change the chemicals in your brain

  • Breathing techniques – Breathing is special in several respects: it is the only function you can perform consciously as well as unconsciously so I will show you what it is to breathe consciously and why this is so important to mindfulness… I’ll be going through some fast-track tips to gain full use of your conscious breath by using the imagination

  • Meditation techniques – A lot of people have asked me where to start with meditation so I have some fast-track tips and tricks to help you get to this place of silence so that you can then listen to yourself and that’s where you find all the answers.. not on Google

  • Suggested guided meditation

  • Stress management – I know that there is always a lot to balance, for everyone. Whether it’s work, bills, university, children, family, holidays, time, a healthy lifestyle between being active and good nutrition, stress happens. And even though I have been through all of these stressful things, enough to figure out as much as I could to learn and grow - and even down to creating this presentation, I know that despite all of my meditation and yoga I, myself even still have a testing time with stress. So just to clarify this presentation will teach you fast-track tips on how to get zen but of course stress happens. However, I do believe so strongly that your brain is exceptional and so very capable of succeeding in incredible things. Therefore, I believe that by learning to maintain a constant, active conscious mentality, you ARE able to rewire your own brain. If this is a new concept to you, it will sound strange at first, but I will go into this in detail when I come to it and I will explain how to shift stress and anxiety into recognising it instead as something positive and how this shift in mentality can genuinely save your life.

  • Rewiring your brain

  • Desk yoga – Yoga is something that is incredibly important in my life. I am super passionate about the benefits that yoga gives and I have been practicing yoga every single day for the last, it’s coming up to three and a half years now and it has changed my life immensely bringing balance to my life on and off my yoga mat. So I’m going to talk about how you can start incorporating this into your life at work from your work chair.

  • Suggested at-home yoga – Upper and lower back pain caused by tension from sitting in an office all day or long drives to and from work can really build up and cause more serious, long lasting issues. I’ve recognised recently that my shoulder pain gives me headaches, so if you’re finding you’re having unexplained headaches, this is definitely something to think about. Luckily with my yoga practice, I know how to massage out that tension by stretching and I would love to share this with you one day but in the meantime I’ll send input some brilliant, free at-home full body - and more specific - suggested links.

  • Bedtime routine - Pranayama ‘bhramari’ practice for better sleep and suggested listening for guided meditation and sleep hypnosis. These are all slightly out of the box thinking, but that’s what I want you to do today.

  • Suggested further reading

So let's begin...