The link between gratitude and happiness is perspective…

As we can see in this cartoon, it depicts a man sitting on a train looking miserable as he sits staring out of the window on the side of the carriage that faced a grim, filthy, colourless wall.

If only he had chosen to look out the window on the opposite side of the carriage that overlooked a glorious vista with hills and a stunning sunset. He literally chose to be unhappy.

Equally, he could have chosen to be happy.

So even if you are finding it hard to find the positivity, take the negatives and turn them into

something positive… if you’re dreading work on a Monday morning, get grateful that you have

opportunity, privilege to come to work, that this allows you to be generous to others. Be grateful for the challenges as they allow you to grow, grateful to the frustration as it teaches you patience… you get the jist.

Despite how wonderful I would love to make this idea of gratitude seem, I know that no matter how positive you try to be, stress still happens. So what can we do when we feel those feelings rise?