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Why Visit Sicily? Here Are Seven Good Reasons To Go Now - Forbes

Palermo is widely considered to be the most conquered city in the world. Everyone wanted a piece of it! Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Germans, along with many other European powers in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, had an impact on this stunning island, leaving it incredibly rich in history, culture, art, architecture and cuisine. Palermo was therefore rightly named Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2018. The natural beauty is second to none, with one thousand kilometres of stunning beaches, breathtaking views and unspoilt nature reserves and to top it all off, let’s not forget the food and wine - Sicily is a paradise for all the senses. Read the Forbes article here, mentioning Palazzo Lanza Tomasi and the gorgeous Butera 28 Apartments.

'Making the Windsors seem like rogue upstarts': inside Sicily's secret palaces - The Telegraph

The truth behind Sicily and how not-so Italian it really is... Arab, Greek and Norman conquests left staggering architectural treasures, all located in one city, making this a one-of-a-kind travel destination. Read more about just how unique this island is, with old world aristocracy still thriving in magnificent Spanish-style palazzos attended by white-gloved butlers - the surprises keep coming! Nicoletta and il Palazzo Lanza Tomasi, the cooking class, market and palace tour are all wonderfully described in this article from The Telegraph - have a read to envision exactly what a Day Cooking With the Duchess will be like.

A local’s guide to Palermo, Sicily: 10 top tips - The Guardian

Palermo, capital of Sicily - named the “Kingdom of the Sun” by invading Normans in the 12th century - is just that: a bright light of divine golden wonder. Most of these top tips are food related and for good reason; never mind fine dining and pizza to die for, the street food is extraordinary: Just ask celebrity chef Rick Stein, who toured Palermo just for that, then visited Nicoletta Polo at il Palazzo Lanza Tomasi for a cooking class to learn more. Also recommended on this top tip list of things to do in Sicily are the pedestrianised city strolls, sun-soaked seaside days out, elegant opera nights, divine chapels, heavenly cathedrals and then… back to food - feasting your eyes on stunning piazzas while enjoying a granita and a cannoli - mmmm! Enjoy a more detailed read of The Guardian’s article here.

A long weekend in… Palermo - The Financial Times

Palermo was declared “the most beautifully situated town in the world” by Oscar Wilde. Loved by writers, artists and designers; Sicily is the place where dreams are made. Be inspired by the contrast of this special location where Palermo’s intricately-detailed Cathedral astounds, across the road from unreconstructed Second World War ruins reclaimed by nature but equally breathtaking in its own right. Read more about what to do on a long weekend here - if you are looking for a unique souvenir to bring home, this Financial Times article has the low down on where to buy classic 1950s driving shoes, made to order smart laceless brogues, hand-painted flags and more specialised designer products. Recommended restaurants - by Nicoletta Polo, mentioned in the text - are also on the list, including L’Ottava Nova, the restaurant opposite il Palazzo Lanza Tomasi where you can order paccheri con peperoncini verdi e alici fresche, so delicious that it was nominated to represent Sicily at the Expo in Milan.

Going to Sicily? 10 things to know before your trip - CNN Travel

If you have never seen a black-sand beach, skied on a volcano or spent an afternoon with 8,000 mummified citizens, have you even lived yet? Tick these off your bucket list during one trip to Sicily, this entirely unique location that is so much more exotic than simply Italian. Read more here about all of this and more, including how much Mafia involvement there really is here today and how Sicily rivals Greece for ancient Greek architecture in this fascinating CNN Travel article.

36 Hours in Palermo, Sicily - The New York Times

Palermo has it all. Art; from Quattro Canti, the gloriously historic, statued intersection to contemporary art galleries housed in the breathtaking, baroque palazzi. Food: Seasonal menus inspired by traditional recipes, unbelievable lunch locations, local wine and platters of mouthwatering aperitivo that make for the perfect start to an evening, street food - a must try is the famous arancine, then the sweet treats… Ricotta-filled cannoli and cassata, torta setteveli, homemade gelato with fresh ingredients, either in a brioche bun or in a cone are filled with warm melted chocolate. Sightseeing: incredible historic treats to feast your eyes on. The hidden gems within stone-flagged city streets include dazzling churches and cathedrals that are quite literally made of gold. Or enjoy a coffee with a view  in the city centre piazza, where palm trees salute the impressive Teatro Massimo, where the final scenes of 'The Godfather Part III' played out before this architectural marvel. Nightlife: every night of the week the city is buzzing with regular music and cultural events, jazz clubs that host entire orchestras, alleyway street parties in the famous Vucciria which hosts a colourful market in the daytime. Read more here in this comprehensive New York Times article.