"There's no such thing as a bad student." 


Testimonials from the divine beings that shared my energy in my classes with me...



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'She is a great teacher, patient and understanding'...

'Bianca is an AMAZING teacher!! She has such a positive powerful energy.'

'Bianca is a very confident and joyful teacher...'

'Absolutely top class experience! '

'I still to this day continue with all of the physical and mental exercises that Bianca

has passed on'...

'She is a great soul! I would definitely recommend Bianca.'

'I very much enjoyed Bianca's Ellite Yoga Escape. It really was an 'elite' experience. The setting was fabulous - in  a marble floored, fresco ceilinged room of a Palazzo overlooking Palermo's Via Butera. '

'Bianca is truly an amazing person and teacher.'

'Bianca is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate yoga instructor.'

'Bianca was a fantastic teacher...'

'She really knew what she was doing , I felt very safe in her hands'...

'She was really patient and understanding with me'...

'She is a well trained and passionate yoga teacher with a strong personal practice.'

'Bianca is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher'...

'...she is an incredible human and amazing yoga teacher. '

'...Bianca is so positive and encouraging. '

'Bianca's passion for her yoga practice really comes across which inspires... '

'She is born to be a yoga teacher. If you have the opportunity to meet her, don’t miss it .'

'She is a strong and confident women with a clear and calm voice.'

'Bianca is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher'...


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